About Zonagualda

Internet is for all, companies and businesses should have the possibility to sell their products or services online. Lots of companies or medium businesses do not have the capacity, sometimes financial, to manage an online store. That is why we created Zonagualda, so that everyone can access the online sale.

Our challenge is to offer a platform where all Spanish companies have the opportunity to sell their products without having to manage their own online store. We started offering support, design and positioning to hundreds of companies, in Spain and other countries, but we saw the need to go further.

In Zonagualda companies can sell their products and we take care of marketing, management, positioning and logistics.

We have more than 17 years of experience in Internet, managing online stores, programming and designing websites and online stores. Zonagualda is evolution.

Online support and design by Yakoffdesign.com and ASON (Online Support Association for companies and businesses).

Thank you very much for your trust in Us!

Agustina Mesones Segura
Co-founder of Zonagualda