Sell ​​in Zonagualda

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Selling in Zonagualda is simple and effective. You can access thousands of buyers in Spain, the European community and even outside Europe.

Once your company or business has been verified, you can start registering your products, one by one or by CSV. Start with your offer or seasonal products. If you have questions, ask at

Choose how you want to do it. You decide how many products you want to sell, and once you have chosen your pack, start uploading your products.

Payments will go directly to your account, through SECURE payment gateways. We will advise you the best shipping companies in Spain so that your products arrive in time and form to your buyers.

Sign up as a seller

Click on Create an Account

Fill in the requested information

Click on Create your seller account

Fill in the data (the more the better for your seller profile)

After confirming, you will receive an email with the approval and you can start uploading your products.

Zonagualda verifies all suppliers without exception to offer all possible security guarantees to its users

Create your seller account to start selling products.

To complete the registration you will need:

1. A credit card

2. A phone number

3. Your company's data (if applicable)

4. The details of the contact person you have chosen

5. The data of the owners of the company you represent (if applicable)

6. Bank details

Rules and Advice on product images

White background. For Zonagualda it is fundamental to offer products with the best possible image. Whenever possible, the product should be photographed on a WHITE background without exception. Only fashion products or accessories will be accepted in models or mannequins.

Exact measurements

We strive to offer the best image for our users. It is also important to maintain an aesthetic in Zonagualda, provide a complete and accurate description of the products. Measurements, colors, texture, weight, etc. The greater the information, the more efficient we will have in the transaction and the lesser the loss of time for everyone.

Our rates

Choose the one that best suits your needs

Up to 50 products. 19 euros per month

From 51 to 500 products 24 euros per month

From 501 to 3000 29 euros per month.

Our commissions

All sales have a minimum of 0.80 euros per product

Then it will depend on the category of product type

The vast majority will apply 7%

For crafts, jewelry and restoration 12%

Cars and Motorcycles 10%

Rates may vary with previous notice from Zonagualda.

All rates are plus VAT.